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Trusting in Life with Gratitude

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

When was the last time you were grateful? Louise Hay felt gratitude every morning and said thank you for the good night. Gratitude opened her eyes to a whole new take on life. She practiced it with great mindfulness and attention and thanked everyone for everything. For a good night, for the fact that the car worked properly, or that the computer made it easier to keep in touch with friends. There was a sign under her mirror in the kitchen. It said: “What are you grateful for today?” Once she had made gratitude part of her daily routine, she regained her trust in her life. She felt worthy of love again and realised that life really loved her.

Fundamental trust gives us certainty that life generally means us well. When we win back this basic trust, we gain renewed connection to our true selves. We need a relaxed feeling of trust and appreciation of life. Without joy and gratitude for the things life give us, we live in a state of constant defensiveness, in conflict with others and ourselves. However, if we are filled with love, appreciation, and gratitude, life feels easier. Many others things will then also emerge that we can be grateful for. With trust, all things are possible. And trust unlocks the limitless potential of our unconditioned selves, our true selves. All this can be yours if you are able to let go of all your restrictive and assumed thought patterns. Spiritual teacher Ram Dass says:

“Trust is knowing that you will not master life with what you think you are, but that you will with what you really are.”

So if you trust in yourself and your life, you will be one step closer to your true self. Start with gratitude, like Louise hay, and pay more attention to the good things in your life. Be grateful for what you have today. At some point, this will feel really easy and natural for you. Gratitude can be inspiring and truly change your life and the world. Start and end each day with mindfulness and gratitude because appreciation, happiness, and acknowledgment have a strengthening effect. This gives you the energy you need to see your change through and to acknowledge the successes you have had so far.

with love, light and positivity,

Hollie Sky

(Mrs Shardlow)

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