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What is Meditation? by Haumea Oracle

I feel Meditation gets a bad rap. In the past, we thought we had to adopt a Monk-like lifestyle to reap the benefits of this tool and elevate our love and inner peace. As compassion grows, you can unknowingly meditate multiple times a day, as you complete your routine tasks and go about your daily life. For example, look how fortunate you are by turning on a faucet and clean hot water flows out to wash the dishes. You squeeze a few drops of washing-up liquid that bubbles up and will clean all the grease and mess easily and without fuss.

What is meditation? It is a mental practice that involves focusing or being aware of the space and what is unfolding in your environment, to achieve a state of mental clarity, relaxation and heightened awareness. It has been practiced for thousands of years in various cultures and traditions. There are a numerous methods and techniques, each with their own unique approach and purpose.

Here at Sky Spa Wellness Centre we will explore some of these as well as incorporate new methods channelled by Haumea.

Some examples used by Haumea are:

Mindfulness Meditation which involves coming into the present moment.

Letting go of expectations and cultivating self-awareness. Practicing the oceanic view, connecting to the breath and emptying the mind. Kundalini Meditation includes gentle exercises along with your breath assisting you to come into your body before entering a meditative state. Various guided meditations such as Loving Kindness, Connecting with your Angels and Guides, Self-Healing as well as using the energy, frequency and vibration of the present moment. In a body scan meditation, one gets to focus on different areas of the body to obtain what your body is telling you and promotes wellness, rest and relaxation.

Chakra meditation, focusing on the 7 main energy centres found in the metaphysical aspect and can include, cleansing chakras, aligning and balancing them along your meridian to promote connection and realisation you are so much more than a physical body.

At Sky Spa, we are blessed to have a safe, warm space including big meditation cushions, blankets and pillows. While we work in a group environment, it is important to feel safe and comfortable in order to share whatever is ready to be shared.

You'll meet people who think like you and we often experience similar emotions, even if we're at different points in our lives. Here at Sky Spa the age range is vast and the variety of Souls who are individual and unique means we learn from each other.

Due to the popularity of Wednesday evenings meditation, 6-7pm we are delighted to offer a lunch time meditation, every Monday at 1.30-2.30pm from Monday 13th November 2023.

Download our App here to easily book your space on Fit by Wix:

You can also connect with Haumea at her website:

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