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Nourish & Bodhi



As a health and wellness coach, I have a very strong belief that certain areas are all connected in making us healthier and happier.  Winter is approaching or has approached, and we all want to stay warm and cosy. I am a huge advocate of Hygge and Fika. This is all about finding peace and happiness in the smallest, simplest things. My Nourish workshop is based on these principles as well as holistic coaching pillars and these are self-care, nutrition, rest, movement.


It is named Nourish because we need to nourish our minds, souls, and bodies in a way that lasts and makes a difference. As an evening workshop, there is nothing difficult or serious. It is all about love, health, and communication which is shown through what happens in the workshop.


Starting the workshop off with –


• A lovely welcome and settling into the beautiful space offered.

• Gentle stretching yoga, for all levels where we are just getting the bodies to move and flow in a beautiful way.

• Meditation - where you will get cosy with pillows and blankets and guided through a meditation.

• Tea ceremony - Tea ceremonies are seen as very sacred and important in rituals for self-care in Japan. You pay respect to the tea which is always healthy and warms you up.

• Journaling – I am a huge fan of journaling and for this session, there will be prompts available to help you. Whilst having your tea, it is a great way of getting issues off your chest and clears your mind.

• Recipe creation – I will discuss a few foods and the benefits that they bring to our bodies and minds. And you will get to create a nourishing, delicious recipe to make at home.


A health shot and snacks will also be provided.


These workshops happen every second Sunday and you can book here


My other offerings include a stunning meditation massage, yogalates, and coaching.


Meditation massage – starting off with breathwork and meditation to calm and quieten the mind down followed by a frontal massage of head, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, legs, feet, and optional tummy massage. Everything is done with essential oils. Finishing off with a face massage and EFT.  Plus, an affirmation card to take home. My days are Monday and Thursday afternoons\early evenings.


Yogalates – a mixture of yoga and pilates every Tuesday evening at 7pm. You can book here


Coaching – I offer diabetic health coaching and mental health coaching which can either be done at the Spa or via zoom.


I am looking forward to meeting you at any of these lovely offerings I have. The workshop starts this Sunday 19th November, and the price is £25.


Lots of love, and namaste,




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