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The Science of Happiness

Everything you do, wish for, or work toward in life is all for one, deeper reason. You believe that it will make you happier. Wether it’s a relationship, a career, money, success, experiences, possessions, or even doing good for others. You hope to achieve all of this because you believe it will make you feel better and happier.

The main goal in life is therefore to be HAPPY!

“Happiness does not depend on who you are, or what you have. It depends on how you think”

There are three types of happiness:

Pleasure: the adrenaline boost, the short-term happiness that is hard to maintain.

Passion: also known as “flow”, when you become so immersed in something that you lose track of space and time.

The greater purpose: when we are a part of something bigger than ourselves that we see as meaningful.

Many people spend the majority of their time chasing after pleasure, occasionally dedicating themselves to their passions, and only rarely pursuing a greater purpose. Really it should be the other way around. If we know what is most important to us in life and what we value most, we also know the direction we should be moving in and where our goals and priorities should lie. The most effective way of succeeding here is to have a goal in mind, a vision we can pursue. If we manage to overcome our inner hurdles (such as self doubt, guilt, limiting beliefs) and learn to look to the future with confidence and optimism, then every door will be open to us in life.

Psychiatrist Regina Pally describes the process as follows:

“As has been shown in neuroscience, before anything happens, the brain creates a probability analysis of which scenario is most likely. It then engages the perception, behaviours that best suit this scenario. To a certain extent, we learn from the past to predict the future and then live out the future that we expect”

As such, it has been scientifically proven that you can attain your own lasting happiness if you have a vision, you believe in that vision, and you align your goals and focus with it.

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