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The Power of Thought

To break free of limiting thoughts, we need to expand our consciousness. By recognising and being conscious of the fact that beliefs are self - imposed and correspond to our perceptions, we can actually change them. This frees us up for more opportunities on a bigger scale.

Write down which beliefs and thought patterns you have unconsciously adopted about yourself and your life. Then think about how you actually want to be and write down your new, chosen affirmations and beliefs.

Think about which thoughts, attitudes, and characteristics you want to have that are in harmony with the goal that you want to achieve.

This statement is very powerful for transforming thought patterns from limiting beliefs to affirmations:

“I am/have....”

“I am confident”

“I am worthy”

“I am fine just as I am”

“I am successful”

“I am healthy”

“I have time for myself”

If you regularly repeat these “I” statements, they will become anchored in your subconscious and gradually replace the “I’m not” or “I don’t” statements. Little by little, you will create new neural pathways. With mental practice (repeatedly visualising yourself doing something specific), you will be able to reorganise the circuitry in your brain in your brain so that it reflects what you want (for example: “I am confident,” “I can say no.” We can actually change our thoughts so effectively that they can trigger a change in the brain, making it look as though the event has in fact happened. Known as a mental “trial run” this is a useful tool in giving up our familiar old self and creating a new self. Positive thinking alone, however, can not overcome subconscious negative feelings. I’m sure that all of us have at some time expressly said “I want to be happy”. But as long as the body does not receive any orders to the contrary, it will continue to fall back on old feelings of guilt, sadness, etc. We only feel what we think and then think how we feel. This results in our state of being. To achieve a new state of being, we therefore not only have to adjust the way we think but also the way we feel.

Feelings + Thoughts = State of being

When new feelings and thoughts are aligned, you have achieved your desired state of being. Rewording your old thought patterns as new affirmations can help achieve this.

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