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Self care during these crazy times.

Now more than ever we need to take the time to invest in our own health and create new rituals and healthy habits that nurture and ensure our mental, emotional and physical health. Not just for ourselves, but so we can show up when others need us.

Although these uncertain and unprecedented times are worrying, I have decided to take this time to focus and address my self care and daily rituals and practice the power of now with my family.

My Daily Routine;

Investing in our mind, body and spirit first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day.

I like to kick-start my morning by doing a foreword fold as soon as my feet hit the floor. I hold the pose for a minimum of 3 deep breaths before taking the stretch further and drawing my head towards my knees for a further 3 deep breaths. I then drink a pint of water, tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice followed with a fresh black coffee with a tsp of coconut oil before doing my Aveda Awakening Skin Ritual. (dry brush my skin then massage it with radiant oil) I then get myself and the kids dressed and ready for breakfast.

Most days I have a green goddess smoothie for breakfast, the children have a smoothie also or gluten free porridge and banana. Having a fresh green juice or green smoothie everyday is very alkalising for the body especially if you put super green powders in your smoothie (spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass etc) super greens powders contain essential vitamins and minerals. You can find our green goddess smoother recipe in our recipe book. I then take advanced nutrition vitality blister pack that contains a (multi vitamin, omegas, vitamin c, probiotics, antioxidants, glucosamine) we don’t always get the nutrients we need from our food so I highly recommend supplementing to make sure your body gets everything it needs.

We then do our daily gratitude and write down 3 things that we are grateful for everyday and choose 3 cards from our yoga deck to practise followed with 5 mins meditation and breath work to ground us for the day ahead.

At some stage during the day I will exercise for 30 minutes, this will vary, somedays I will go for a walk or jog but usually my exercise will include resistance. Resistance exercise helps to maintain muscle mass and strengthens the body. I highly recommend getting some dumbbells or resistance bands to progress your home workout routines.

During these times, I would urge you to turn off the news. Yes, there are important updates coming out each day around this pandemic, but too much can stress us out. It is ok to limit your exposure to 15 mins a day, get the info and keep on with your day. Also, decreased screen time is a great way to improve and support a deeper and more restful sleep. If you struggle to sleep try a guided meditation before bed. There are lots of free resources online. Sign up to one of Deepak Chopra’s free 21 day mediation experiences.

Each evening is an opportunity to reset and reflect. Here are just some of the things I enjoy to conclude my day.

  • JOURNALLING - reflect over the day. How was my mood? my energy? Was I living in the now or in the past or future? Self awareness is key, so write as many observations as you can.

  • BEDTIME YOGA - I listen to my body and do some lush stretches lying in bed to relieve any tension or tightness I maybe feeling or holding onto and then I focus on deep breathing, visualisations and completely letting go.

I hope these suggestions will be beneficial to you and your family during this time. I know it’s scary, but if we use this time wisely we can shift our perspectives, better ourselves, stay centred and set up new healthy rituals for better or continued health, immunity and resilience.

with love, light and positivity,

Hollie Shardlow


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