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Failed again?! How to actually achieve that fitness target you've always wanted.

Do you ever look back on your new years resolutions and intentions that you set yourself regarding weight loss, fitness training and healthy routines and you realise……. you’ve achieved none of it?

I’ll give you a couple of reasons why.

The weather hasn’t helped. Work has been hectic or lack of it. Kids have been ill. Work has become busier and more stressful than you expected. Maybe you started but got bored with your training. After Christmas maybe money has been a bit tight. There are plenty of reasons why it hasn’t worked out for you and every reason is valid because they all make it harder for you to achieve your goal.

So…. What’s next?

Are you ever going to be happy with how you look? Will you be able to eat a sustainably healthy diet? Will you ever get to where you want to be? Lets be real here…….No you won’t.

You’ve set yourself a challenge but unless it becomes a bigger priority than it was then you won’t achieve it. Perhaps you believe that good health is one of your biggest priorities (which it should be) but you probably haven’t worked out how you are going to achieve it. Achieving this change on your own may seem difficult. You need a plan that you know will work. However, most don’t have one. Simply saying to yourself that you’re going to join the gym and eat healthy hasn't worked before and probably won't this time either.

So here’s an exercise to help you. 1) Write down WHAT your goal is. 2) Write down 3 reasons WHY you want to achieve it. The stronger the reasons why and the more passionate you are about it, the more likely you are going to achieve it. 3) Now think of 5 ways HOW you are going to achieve it. These may include: how are you going to find the time? how are you going to prepare your food? How are you going to stay motivated? How are you going to ensure correct technique? How are you going to plan your exercise routine? How are you going to track your progress? Now you’ve got real plan and you’re one step closer to achieving what you really want. (and yes you can apply this to any goal you set for yourself) Please comment below if you have any hints or tips that have helped you achieve your health target. As always if you would like any help achieving your goal don't hesitate to get in contact via our online live chat or email

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