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Emotional Health Consultation

Free Consultation

  • 30 minutes
  • Sky Spa Wellness Centre

Service Description

EMOTIONAL HEALTH CONSULTATION In person or online consultations offer clients an opportunity to gain greater awareness of their perceptions, subconscious beliefs and value systems. We have all undergone a process of conditioning, developing short-sighted ideas of ourselves and believing that we are our labels, identities and roles. When we learn what interferes with our natural state of balance, we can see that emotions, past experiences and trauma all play a role. When our emotions are in balance, our bodies maintain homeostasis and function harmoniously. When we repress, deny, judge, or block our emotions, the energetic pathways within the body become clogged or blocked, and this information is stored within our cells. Our behaviour is continually running our biology and when one is able to break unsupportive mental patterns, a shift in physiology naturally shifts. When a client has depression, anxiety, illness, or ‘disease’ we can take two courses. We could either say that there is something inherently wrong. Or - we could say that the body is beginning to communicate in a way that can’t be ignored, indicating that a new path of being and living is a possibility. Through the online consultations, clients will understand that every choice and decision which has been made in their life, has the wisdom to be claimed and embodied. Everyone has their own set of answers & we don’t need to look to any outside teachers or constructs. Just our own innate knowingness. The way in which we evolve from here is inside out, rather than outside in. Online consultations are available from Mondays to Thursdays, and all sessions are on Zoom. Please send an inquiry if you would like to embark upon this journey.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or reschedule of an appointment must be made with at least 48 hours notice. If suitable notice is not given then the self employed practitioners hold the right to issue no refunds, due to the limited time given to fill the vacated time slot and subsequent revenue lost by the team and The Wellness Centre.

Contact Details

  • 6 High St, Barry CF62 7DZ, UK


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