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Sky Spa High Protein Recipe Book

Sky Spa High Protein Recipe Book

When it comes to improving your nutrition the most effective way to achieve long term success is by making small adjustments to your current routine rather than overhauling everything you are already doing.


The Sky Spa Recipe Book is packed full of over 50 super healthy, unbelievably easy recipes that are guaranteed to add a tasty variety to your daily meal plan and help make you feel amazing.


  • 52 delicious recipes
  • complete shopping list included for all meals
  • complete 7 day meal plan
  • all calories measured
  • full macro breakdown (fat, carbs, protein)
  • easy tracking with barcode to scan full meal into my fitness pal
  • prep & cooking times included
  • quick and easy key chart to distinguish between meals
  • vegetarian options included
  • gluten free meals included
  • dairy free meals included
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