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Mindfulness Exercises

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

WHEN EATING: Be completely mindful of what you are eating or drinking. Put your phone away and really take note of every bite. Try to mindfully eat something like an apple.

WHEN WAKING UP: Lie there for a few minutes with eyes open after you wake up. Feel yourself breathing, listen to your body and commit to meeting the days experiences (or a particular situation) with mindfulness.

WHEN WAITING: Focused breathing is great when you are waiting at a stop light, at the cash desk in the supermarket, or for your food at a restaurant. Simply pause now and then throughout the day and consciously perceive that current moment in time.

WHEREVER YOU ARE: Perform your everyday duties, with mindfulness and enjoy them. Do this in the shower, while brushing your teeth, washing your hair, walking, cleaning or gardening etc

WHEN GOING TO SLEEP: Before going to sleep, reflect on the moments during the day in which you were mindful. When did it go well and what could you do better next time?

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